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more than 80 video discs for 15$ comes with my storage album.
Jake Geismar (George Clooney), an Army correspondent, helps his former lover, Lena Brandt (Cate Blanchett), comb post-World War II Berlin for her missing husband, who is wanted by American and Russian forces. Shadowing their efforts is Jake's driver, Tully (Tobey Maguire), a GI with connections to the black market. His loyalties unclear to them, Lena and Jake know that Tully has the power to le...
Raised on the streets of New York, young John Gotti found his way into the Gambino crime family, eventually having the boss removed and becoming head of the powerful family. His wife asked only one thing from John: to never expose their children to his profession. But he broke the vow, and John Jr. took his place as his father's Capo. From a non smoking home, great shape, in original container.
Aged, ill, and unable to reconcile the man he was to who he has become, Flynn is hell-bent on exiting this life in a blaze of glory. His plans go awry upon the discovery of the sordid life his estranged daughter is forced to live. From a non smoking home, great shape, in original container.
20+ y/o Upright Piano by Janssen Normal ware as it was used by my daughters growing up. Perfect for someone just starting to learn how to play. Has a light for the Sheet music but it s not working. Can be repaired. Everything else is good just needs to be turned. Has t been played in a few years. Very heavy. Will need 3-4 people to move it.